Aviva Halter-Hurn Pet Portraits

Aviva Halter Hurn Dog Portraits


Our dog portrait of Finbar & Drogo.

Finbar & Drogo - Dog Portrait by Aviva Halter-Hurn Dear Aviva,

You have captured the very essence of our precious boys Finbar & Drogo, more that we could ever have dreamed. The light and life in their eyes is breathtaking, quite astounding.

Thank you so much for painting such a very treasured portrait for us, it is so different to the usual ones you see offered around, this has absolutely captured the heart and soul of our boys.

Siobhan & Neil Lancaster, Devon

Portrait of Jude.

Jude - Dog Portrait by Aviva Halter-Hurn Aviva’s animal portraits are very, very special because she always manages to encapsulate the inherent character of each dog, cat, donkey. Her portraits are not simply physically accurate – they encompass the very essence of the animal.

Too often portraits that are essentially pretty postcard representations never attempt to register the personality of the “sitter”.

Aviva is fantastic at doing just that. I have known Aviva twelve years and she has done several portraits of my much loved Jude. When Jude died I was mortified but she produced the very best portrait of her from memory which so much helped the grieving process. Aviva studies her “sitters” in depth and gets to know them. Any photography she uses is mainly to get the exact colouring of the animal. Over the years I have had a rogue’s gallery of my dogs painted by others before I moved to Dorset – Aviva’s talent surpasses any of those artists who refer to themselves as animal portraitists.

Tanya Bruce-Lockhart - Dorset April 2012

Dear Ms Halter-Hurn,

We saw your dog portraits and thought the drawing caught the real character of the animals beautifully and the medium you have chosen adds much to their charm.

Dr Stella Tristram - Hampstead

Dear Aviva,

Bella - Dog Portrait by Aviva Halter-Hurn Firstly I apologize for not writing to you sooner, Gordon and I have just returned from Gioleigh Park.

Thank you so much for the excellent paintings of Bella- they are quite exquisite.

You are obviously very talented and I hope that you will be able to paint more of my beloved animals in the future, yours sincerely

Judith, The Manor Farm, Crewkerne, Somerset.

Dear Aviva,

We were both instantly taken with your painting and can't wait for it to take pride of place on our walls- it is so beautiful,

Best wishes - Lynne and Gary